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What’s New

Wadhwa Home Carnival for Hong Kong NRIs. Limited period offers. Contact us for more details.
Coming Soon - Tata Housing Team in Hong Kong

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Find Your Next Indian Property Here in Hong Kong

Are you a non-resident Indian in Hong Kong, looking to invest in upcoming Indian Real Estate, or even find your next dream home, but not sure where to start? 

If so, we’re here to help you get exclusive deals on wide range of Properties in India, and ease the process at the same time. There are many profound benefits to working with us. 

Wide Range of Choices in Multiple Cities

We’re well connected with numerous reputed developers all over India. Choose the perfect home in India from a wide range of cities.

Hassle-Free Home Buying Process 

Find out all the information you’d ever need to know without leaving Hong Kong, saving you precious time and effort.

Keep Up To Date

Be among the first to know about upcoming projects, as well as lucrative Indian real-estate investment opportunities.

Think about what you could gain by making the right investment. It’s even easier now, with all the professional support and advice we provide.